Actions in Schools

The student environmental awareness program is part of the information/awareness actions developed by the Northern Pindos National Park Management Agency. These themed activities include: Mountain forest ecosystems of Northern Pindos National Park, endangered wildlife species, rare plant species, geomorphology of Northern Pindos, and the unique historical and cultural elements of the man-made environment of the protected area.

Environmental Awareness Programs following the authorization of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs are offered in schools and Information Centers (Asprangeloi Zagori, Metsovo, Mavranaioi and Grevena), alongside Environmental Interpretation Trips within the protected area. The Management Agency offers a remarkable set of actions for students aged between 6 and 12 years, approved by the Educational Policy Institute, about the environmental awareness entitled “Northern Pindos National Park… Let’s find out, let’s play…”

All actions of the Management Agency are made without any financial burden to the school, following a request from the teacher or the principal to the Management Agency and are adjusted accordingly with the age of the participating pupils. The duration of Environmental Awareness Programs and Environment Interpretation Trips is about 3 hours.

The main goal of the Environmental Awareness Programs and Environment Interpretation Trips is for the understanding of basic environmental concepts by students, such as protected area, human-environment interactions, the environmental problems of the area and protective measures. The purpose of the trips is to familiarize students with scientific methodology and research, critical and creative approach to questions, and a general sense of scientific culture. Additionally, students are encouraged to work in teams in order to learn the benefit of cooperation for a common goal. Ultimately, the Northern Pindos National Park strives to promote the relationship between students and nature.

All the schools can take a tour at any of the five Information Centers of the Northern Pindos National Park (Asprangeloi, Papigko, Vovousa, Metsovo, Mavranaioi), without necessarily being involved in any of the other programs or tours of the Management Agency.