Park Protection/Patrolling

According to article 15 of Law no. 2742/ΦΕΚ 207/Α’/07.10.1999, the Management Agency is responsible for supervision and guarding of the National Park grounds.

The implementation for the supervision and the guarding of the protected area of Northern Pindos National Park is coordinated by the staff of the Management Agency, in accordance to an approved plan that is adjusted on an annual basis, integrating the experience of the previous year and any new guarding needs as they appear.

For optimal coverage of the Northern Pindos National Park area, the Management Agency has four park ranger teams. In particular:

  • The first team is based at the Aspraggeloi Information Center and its area of responsibility is south-western part of the Park
  • The second team is based at Konitsa and its area of responsibility is the north-western part of the Park
  • The third team is based at the Metsovo Information Center and its area of responsibility is the south-eastern part of the Park.
  • The fourth team is based at the Mavranaioi Information Center and its area of responsibility is the north-eastern part of the Park.

Each of the four teams is comprised of two park rangers who are trained on an annual basis on efficient and correct execution of the patrolling program, such as the legal framework of the Park, visitor assistance, fire safety, environmental legislation, changes in prohibitions and handling of equipment.

Each team is supplied with its own four-wheel drive vehicle, which is fully equipped with fire extinguishing system, camera, binoculars, GPS, portable fire extinguisher, axe, chainsaw, and a portable pharmacy.

Park protection and patrolling is coordinated and supervised by the Chief Security Officer or by his deputy. In addition to the designated park rangers, all employees may participate in meeting additional park security needs.


Goals of the Protection-Patrolling Program:

  1. The monitoring and frequent control of the area of the National Park with the goal of restricting illegal activities.
  2. Participation in scientific monitoring programs carried out by the Management Agency.
  3. Providing information and raising awareness with local residents and visitors of the area, in matters such as the protection of the natural environment.
  4. Tracing and reporting of illegal activities to the appropriate authorities (Forest Department, Fire Department, Police).
  5. Preventing and putting out small fires.

The effective implementation of the protection and patrolling program is based on the full cooperation between the Northern Pindos Park and the local emergency services (Fire Dept., Police etc), local government bodies, and other related agencies.