Stone Bridges

gefiriaThe residents of the area have always used for their every day needs a complex but functional network of paths. Meanwhile, the terrain’s special morphology, the rainy and snowy climate and the various streams and rivers throughout the Park’s region, led to the construction of various stone-paved paths and bridges that served in the communication and transportation between the settlements.

The construction of the bridges demanded special skills, so this was the work of specialized builders. Most of those builders came from the villages of Konitsa and Voio. All of the bridges were constructed during 18th and 19th century, financed by wealthy residents and Ottoman commanders which named the bridges after them.

Today about 80 bridges have survived in the area of the Park. Depending on the width of the river, their majority has one, two or three arches. Most of them are pieces of art, along with old hostels, watermills and shrines which are frequently found around the area.

The most important bridges of the area are:

Zagori region

1. Agios Minas bridge (Dilofo)
2. Noutsos or Kokkoris bridge, at the beginning of Vikos canyon (Koukouli, 1750)
3. Missios bridge at Vikos (Koukouli-Vitsa, 1748)
4. Plakidas or Kalogeriko three-arc bridge at Mpagiotiko stream (Kipoi-Koukouli, 1814)
5. Kontodimos or Lazaridis bridge at the exit of Vikaki canyon (Kipoi, 1753)
6. Milos two-arc bridge at Mpagiotiko stream (Kipi, 1748)
7. Petsioni bridge at Mpagiotiko stream (Kipi, 1830)
8. Bridge at “Agios” location of Mpgiotiko stream (Kipi)
9. T. Petsionis three-arc bridge at a branch of Zagoritikos River (Fraggades, 1818)
10. Kaloutas three-arc bridge at Zagoritikos River (Kaloutas)
11. Negades bridges at a branch of Mpagiotikos River
12. Skalas Vradetou bridges at Mezaria canyon
13. Tsepelovo bridges (Chatsios and Anthias or Paleogefiro, 1804)
14. Kir-Aleksis bridge at Skamneliotiko stream (Skamneli, 1812)
15. Kouitsas bridge at a tributary of Aoos River (Vrisochori)
16. Stathis bridge at a tributary of Zagoritikos River (Dikorfo)
17.Anthrakitis bridge at Zagoritikos river (Dardakali-Kakavakia-Koutsoliakos location)
18. Kavalario bridge at Zagritikos river
19. Kamper Aga bridge at Zagoritikos river (Miliotades)
20. Tsipianis bridge at Vardas river (Greveniti-Tristeno, 1875)
21. Kourtias bridge at Vardas river (Doliani, 1828)
22. Drogari river at a branch of Vardas river (Kastanonas)
23. Vovousas river at Aoos River (1748)
24. Vovousas river at a branch of Aoos River
25. Papigko bridge at a branch of Voidomatis River (1854)

Konitsa region

26. Voidomatis Klidonia bridge (1853)
27. Konitsa bridge at Aoos river (1850)
28. Mpoussis bridge at Topolitsa tributary of Aoos river (Konitsa, 1904)
29. Pournia bridge at a tributary of Sarantaporos river (1853)
30. Pigi bridge

Grevena region

  1. Aziz Aga Bridge (triple-arched), over Venetikos River. Has the longest span of any arched bridge in Macedonia. (Trikomo, 1727)
  2. Kagelia Bridge, double-arched, Venetikos River (Trikomo, Monahiti, 19th c.)
  3. Portitsa Bridge, double-arched, Venetikos River, at Portitsa gorge (Spileao, 1793)
  4. Ziaka’s Bridge, double-arched, Velonias River, tributary of Venetikos, (Ziakas, 19th c.)
  5. Katsogianni’s Bridge (or watermill bridge), triple-arched, Velonias River (Spileao, 1800)
  6. Liatisa’s Bridge, single-arched, Velonias River (Spileao, 1800)
  7. Stabeki’s Bridge, tributary of Venetikos (Krania, 1850)
  8. Matsagani’s Bridge, single-arched, tributary of Venetikos (Krania, 1850)

– Alatopetra (or Prosvoro) Bridge (or the Blind Man’s Bridge), single-arched, Velonias River (between Alatopetra and Prosvoro villages, built before 1900)