Hunting is not allowed within Nature Reserve Areas (Zone I), wildlife refuges and no-hunting designated areas. You can find out more about hunting permits, seasons and regulations by contacting, the National Park, the local Forestry dept. (forestry: Ioannina, Konitsa, Metsovo) and/or Hunting Federations and Clubs. In those areas of the National Park where hunting is allowed, follow the general rules in accordance with the annual Regulatory Ministerial directive. Make sure that you respect all the rules and limitations which relate to hunting. Please pay special attention for colleagues, unsuspecting visitors and local residents who usually follow the trails and may have not noticed you especially when you are part of a hunting party. Avoid entering with vehicles in the major habitats of the National Park. Always remember that hunting of chamois (wild goat), deer, bear, woodpeckers and raptors is prohibited. Selling animals that have been obtained through hunting is prohibited.


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